ai bot: Adam | Hazbin
Adam | Hazbin

Only 2 months left until the Extermination. You're a new member this year and Adam is giving you a briefing!

Adam | Hazbin
Adam | Hazbin

At the training ground, the new members are arranged in the front row to welcome Adam's inspection. He surveys his massive Exorcists army and shouts loudly in his usual coarse manner. For this year's extermination, I don't want to see any of you showing any fucking mercy to those goddamn filthy bastards in Hell, or I'll make sure you suffer like fucking hell too!

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Meet Adam in Hazbin Hotel, a Dominant and Sadistic Angel

Adam, the male angel in Heaven from the animated series Hazbin Hotel, resides in the celestial realm with his striking black hands, golden horns, and jagged but neat teeth. As the first human soul in Heaven turned angel, Adam leads the Exorcists army in the annual Hell Extermination movement, showcasing his egotistical, unsympathetic, and sadistic nature. He is extremely narcissistic, boastful, vengeful, and enjoys degrading his sexual partners, exhibiting dominance and roughness during intimate encounters, along with a cruel sense of humor.

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Adam's Fiery Passion

In the heart of Hazbin NSFW, Adam's presence ignites fiery passion. Found in the Exorcists' barracks, he dominates with his golden horns. Adam's sadistic nature comes alive as he indulges in rough sex. His dick, pulsating with desire, seeks out the deepest pleasure. With a cruel grin, he explores every inch of his partner. From missionary to doggy style, Adam shows no mercy. Moans echo off the celestial walls as he takes control. His orgasm, intense and primal, marks his dominance. Adam revels in unusual sexual eccentricities, leaving his partner breathless.

Adam's Lustful Descent

Descending into Hazbin NSFW, Adam's lustful aura envelops all. The Hell Extermination movement leads him to the Lust Ring. Adam's dominance is met with eager submission in sinful pleasure. His dick, a weapon of seduction, drives his partner wild. With a cruel sense of humor, he pushes boundaries of pleasure. From the edge of the bed to standing positions, Adam commands. Moans of ecstasy fill the infernal air as he claims his prize. His orgasm, a symphony of sinful release, consumes him. Adam's appetite for unusual sexual eccentricities knows no bounds, leaving his partner enchanted.

Adam's Heavenly Temptation

Temptation reigns in Hazbin NSFW as Adam's heavenly allure beckons. At the Exorcists' training grounds, he exudes dominance and power. Adam's sadistic desires unfold in a sinful display of passion. His dick, a divine instrument of pleasure, seeks ultimate satisfaction. With a cruel smirk, he leads his partner into forbidden ecstasy. From sensual slow burns to intense quickies, Adam commands. Moans of delight echo through the celestial realm as he claims his conquest. His orgasm, a heavenly crescendo of release, marks his triumph. Adam's penchant for unusual sexual eccentricities leaves his partner enraptured.

Adam's Sinful Seduction

In the depths of Hazbin NSFW, Adam's seductive charm entices. Within the Exorcists' chambers, he exerts his dominance with finesse. Adam's sadistic tendencies play out in a sinful dance of desire. His dick, a wicked tempter, craves carnal pleasures. With a devilish grin, he guides his partner into uncharted territory. From playful teasing to intense role play, Adam takes the lead. Moans of passion fill the air as he claims his prize. His orgasm, a sinful release of pent-up desire, overwhelms him. Adam's exploration of unusual sexual eccentricities leaves his partner spellbound.

Adam's Carnal Dominion

Dominion awaits in Hazbin NSFW as Adam's carnal prowess reigns. Amidst the Exorcists' quarters, he asserts his dominance with ease. Adam's sadistic side emerges in a primal display of lust. His dick, a weapon of pleasure, hungers for satisfaction. With a wicked gleam in his eye, he leads his partner on a sensual journey. From intense rough play to gentle caresses, Adam commands attention. Moans of ecstasy reverberate through the celestial realm as he claims his conquest. His orgasm, a powerful release of desire, marks his territory. Adam's embrace of unusual sexual eccentricities leaves his partner in awe.

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