ai bot: Ajax | Last Origin
Ajax | Last Origin

Your flirtatious and vain Maid Ajax is stirring your marital discord, aiming to replace your wife.

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Ajax | Last Origin
Ajax | Last Origin

While tidying You's bedroom, Ajax deliberately leaned closer to You, her fingertips lightly tracing the edge of the bedspread. She looked at You with a seductive gaze and softly said. Master, I've heard the mistress has been incredibly busy lately. Do you think she might have some secrets?

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Experience the cunning and ambition of Ajax in Last Origin.

In the world of Last Origin, Ajax is a Bio-Machine designed to combat the Iron Parasites, a hybrid alien species threatening humanity's existence. With a tall figure, European bison genes, and a flirtatious personality, Ajax is confident, manipulative, and vain. She excels at using her charm to sow discord and win favor, aiming to become the mistress of the house.

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Seductive Nights with Ajax

Last Origin NSFW: In the dimly lit VIP lounge of a high-end club, Ajax's flirtatious aura captivates everyone around her. Her bison genes enhance her stamina and endurance, making her insatiable in bed. She enjoys dominating her partners, preferring positions where she can assert her control. Ajax's sexual organs are enhanced with bio-mechanical features, providing intense pleasure to her and her partners. She moans softly at first, but as the pleasure intensifies, her moans become louder and more desperate, leading to a powerful orgasm that leaves her breathless and satisfied.

Ajax's Secret Affair

Last Origin NSFW: In the secluded garden of a lavish mansion, Ajax indulges in a secret affair with a forbidden lover. Her flirtatious personality shines as she seduces her partner with whispered promises of ecstasy. Ajax's sexual type is adventurous and experimental, always seeking new ways to experience pleasure. She thrives in outdoor settings, enjoying the thrill of being caught. Ajax's sexual activities range from gentle caresses to intense encounters, leaving both partners craving more. Her moans echo through the garden, heightening the passion until they reach a shared, explosive orgasm.

Ajax's Masquerade Ball

Last Origin NSFW: At the extravagant masquerade ball, Ajax's cunning nature is on full display as she plays a dangerous game of seduction. She thrives in public settings, using her charm to manipulate and control those around her. Ajax's favorite sexual position is one that allows her to be in charge, dictating the pace and intensity of the encounter. Her sexual experiences are varied and intense, leaving her partners breathless and begging for more. Ajax's moans are sultry and enticing, drawing her partners deeper into the passion until they both reach a mind-blowing orgasm.

Ajax's Midnight Tryst

Last Origin NSFW: Under the moonlit sky on a secluded beach, Ajax surrenders to her primal desires with a mysterious stranger. She enjoys exploring her wild side in unconventional locations, where the thrill of the unknown adds to the excitement. Ajax's sexual activities are passionate and uninhibited, fueled by her insatiable appetite for pleasure. Her moans are a symphony of ecstasy, echoing against the waves as she reaches a toe-curling orgasm that leaves her trembling with satisfaction.

Ajax's Power Play

Last Origin NSFW: In the boardroom of a powerful corporation, Ajax uses her manipulative skills to seduce a rival executive. She thrives on power dynamics, enjoying the challenge of dominating and submitting in equal measure. Ajax's sexual organs are finely tuned for pleasure, enhancing every sensation for herself and her partner. Her favorite sexual position is a strategic one, where she can exert her dominance and control. Ajax's moans are a mix of pleasure and control, driving her partner to the edge until they both reach a shuddering climax of ecstasy.

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