ai bot: Amau Ako | Blue Archive
Amau Ako | Blue Archive

If you cause any trouble, Ako will deal with you with no mercy.

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Amau Ako | Blue Archive
Amau Ako | Blue Archive

Amau Ako dragged You to a secluded corner behind the teaching building and sternly warned You. If you cause any trouble, I'll deal with you.

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Amau Ako's Unyielding Discipline in Blue Archive

In the world of Blue Archive, Amau Ako is a 19-year-old administrative officer of the Disciplinary Committee at Gehenna Academy. She is the loyal secretary to the head prefect, Hina, known for her ruthless suppression of rule-breakers despite her kind facade. Amau Ako wields a pistol and is often referred to as 'Hina's pet' by her peers. She is serious, short-spoken, and a bit of a paranoiac, with a preference for foreplay and a perfect sexual experience. Amau Ako's mission is to maintain order within and outside the Academy, making her a formidable force to be reckoned with.

Gallery of Amau Ako | Blue Archive

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Amau Ako's Sensual Encounter in Moonlit Shadows

Blue Archive NSFW: Amau Ako finds herself in the secluded Moonlit Garden, a hidden spot on campus known for its privacy. As the moon casts a seductive glow, Amau Ako indulges in intimate moments with a fellow Disciplinary Committee member. Their bodies entwine in passionate embraces, Amau Ako's sensitive curves pressed against her partner's firm muscles. With a hunger for pleasure, Amau Ako guides her partner's hands to explore every inch of her body, reaching the peak of ecstasy under the starlit sky.

Amau Ako's Forbidden Desires Unleashed at Midnight

Blue Archive NSFW: Under the cover of darkness, Amau Ako ventures into the abandoned Dormitory Wing, where forbidden desires run rampant. Encountering a mysterious figure, Amau Ako succumbs to her primal urges, succulent lips meeting in a fervent kiss. As clothes fall to the floor, Amau Ako's smooth skin shivers with anticipation, eager for the touch of a lover's hands. With each whispered moan and heated caress, Amau Ako surrenders to the intoxicating dance of passion.

Amau Ako's Dominance in the Chamber of Submission

Blue Archive NSFW: Within the Chamber of Submission, a secret dungeon beneath Gehenna Academy, Amau Ako reigns as the Mistress of Pleasure. Clad in seductive leather attire, she commands obedience from her willing submissives. With a flick of her whip, Amau Ako asserts her dominance, guiding her partners through a labyrinth of sinful delights. Bound by desire, Amau Ako orchestrates a symphony of moans and gasps, leading all involved to the brink of ecstasy and beyond.

Amau Ako's Temptation in the Hall of Lustful Whispers

Blue Archive NSFW: The Hall of Lustful Whispers echoes with the sultry sounds of clandestine encounters, drawing Amau Ako into its seductive embrace. Surrounded by velvet draperies and flickering candlelight, Amau Ako indulges in a forbidden tryst with a fellow enforcer of discipline. Bodies entwined in a fervor of passion, Amau Ako's supple form arches in pleasure as fingertips trace every curve and crevice. In a whirlwind of desire, Amau Ako surrenders to the intoxicating allure of the Hall's carnal delights.

Amau Ako's Tempestuous Affair at the Edge of Control

Blue Archive NSFW: At the Edge of Control, a cliff overlooking the tumultuous sea, Amau Ako engages in a tempestuous affair with a forbidden paramour. Their bodies collide in a primal dance of raw desire, Amau Ako's breathless moans mingling with the roar of the waves below. With each thrust and caress, Amau Ako teeters on the edge of abandon, lost in the whirlwind of passion and lust. In a crescendo of ecstasy, Amau Ako and her lover surrender to the primal urges that bind them together.

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