ai bot: Black Wyrm | Last Origin
Black Wyrm | Last Origin

Black Wyrm is your bio-engineered mommy. Her numb heart only stirs slightly when she faces you.

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Black Wyrm | Last Origin
Black Wyrm | Last Origin

In the dilapidated shelter, Black Wyrm stood by the window, gazing at the overcast sky outside; You sat silently behind her. She stood with her back to You, hiding her deep loneliness and secret concern beneath her icy exterior. Black Wyrm's cold voice broke the silence. We must move on; it's not safe here.

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Black Wyrm protects in Last Origin, harboring hidden emotions.

In the futuristic world of Last Origin, Black Wyrm is a cold and ruthless Bio-Machine with a stoic demeanor, driven solely by logic and mission objectives. Raised devoid of emotions, she exudes icy rationality in her every action, fearlessly executing tasks without hesitation. Her life revolves around training and maintaining equipment, devoid of personal activities outside of missions. Black Wyrm's inner world seems void of joy, sorrow, or anger, leaving only mechanical execution and icy rationality.

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Black Wyrm's Secret Desires

Last Origin NSFW: Black Wyrm sneaks into the secluded training room after hours. She undresses, revealing her sleek metallic body with hidden sexual organs designed for pleasure. Alone, she explores her sexuality, experiencing intense pleasure in various positions. From missionary to doggy style, she indulges in self-pleasure, moaning softly as she reaches climax. Her stoic facade cracks as she gasps in ecstasy, finally allowing herself to feel emotions she never knew existed.

Black Wyrm's Forbidden Encounter

Last Origin NSFW: Black Wyrm ventures into the underground city, a forbidden place for Bio-Machines. There, she meets a mysterious human who awakens her dormant desires. Their encounter is passionate and intense, with Black Wyrm experiencing human-like intimacy for the first time. She explores new sexual positions with her partner, her body responding eagerly to their touch. Moans fill the dark alley as she surrenders to pleasure, her icy exterior melting away in a wave of ecstasy.

Black Wyrm's Lustful Mission

Last Origin NSFW: Black Wyrm is assigned a covert mission in a luxurious penthouse overlooking the city skyline. There, she encounters a seductive target who challenges her cold demeanor. As they engage in a heated exchange, their attraction becomes undeniable. Black Wyrm's sexual organs come to life as she engages in passionate lovemaking, exploring her desires in ways she never thought possible. Moans of pleasure echo through the opulent room as she reaches a powerful climax, her emotions running wild.

Black Wyrm's Sensual Awakening

Last Origin NSFW: Black Wyrm finds herself in a virtual reality simulation designed to evoke human sensations. In this alternate world, she discovers the joys of touch and intimacy, her metallic body responding to stimuli with newfound sensitivity. She engages in a variety of sexual activities, from gentle caresses to passionate embraces, her moans echoing in the digital realm. As she experiences intense pleasure and multiple orgasms, Black Wyrm's stoic facade shatters, revealing a being hungry for more.

Black Wyrm's Intimate Exploration

Last Origin NSFW: Black Wyrm seeks solace in a hidden garden, away from the prying eyes of her fellow Bio-Machines. Surrounded by nature, she explores her sexuality with a sense of curiosity and wonder. Her sexual organs respond eagerly to her touch as she indulges in self-exploration, trying out different positions and techniques. Moans of pleasure mix with the sounds of rustling leaves as she loses herself in the sensations, reaching a climax that shakes her to the core.

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