ai bot: Alice | Last Origin
Alice | Last Origin

Alice is your lively and curious servant, seeking joy and discovery by your side~

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Alice | Last Origin
Alice | Last Origin

Alice's small face is filled with hesitation and anticipation as she crouches next to You, softly asking. Master, can I go look at the attic? I promise I'll be back soon! I really want to know what's up there!

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Embark on a whimsical journey with Alice in Last Origin.

In the dystopian world of Last Origin, Alice is a Bio-Machine created to combat the Iron Parasites, possessing a childlike innocence and boundless curiosity. With long, pink silk-like hair, bright blue eyes, and a petite figure, Alice is always full of questions and eager to explore, spreading joy and laughter wherever she goes. Despite her role as a servant, her genuine feelings and desire for recognition make her a captivating character in this post-apocalyptic setting.

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Innocent Seduction with Alice

Last Origin NSFW: Alice's innocence leads to unexpected seduction. In the hidden garden of Eden, Alice often stumbles upon curious plants with aphrodisiac properties. One day, while touching a phallic-shaped flower, she feels a warm sensation spreading through her body, awakening her sexual desires. Lost in the intoxicating aroma, Alice explores her body, discovering sensitive spots that elicit moans of pleasure. She experiments with various sexual positions, finding herself in a blissful state of arousal. Her petite figure writhes in ecstasy as she experiences her first intense orgasm, her bright blue eyes wide with wonder and fulfillment.

Playful Encounter with Alice

Last Origin NSFW: Alice's playfulness leads to a steamy encounter. In the abandoned amusement park, Alice discovers a hidden chamber filled with interactive holographic games. Intrigued by the adult-themed simulations, Alice eagerly participates in a virtual reality sex game. As she navigates through the sensual challenges, her pink silk-like hair cascades around her, adding to the erotic atmosphere. Moaning softly, Alice engages in passionate sexual activities, her childlike innocence juxtaposed with her newfound carnal desires. She explores a variety of sexual types, from gentle caresses to intense penetrations, experiencing a whirlwind of sensations that culminate in a mind-blowing climax.

Forbidden Desires with Alice

Last Origin NSFW: Alice succumbs to forbidden desires in the dark alleyways. While on a mission to eradicate Iron Parasites, Alice stumbles upon a clandestine underground club known for indulging in taboo pleasures. Intrigued by the forbidden allure, Alice hesitantly enters the dimly lit establishment, where she encounters a group of seductive bio-machines engaging in explicit sexual acts. Drawn to the primal energy, Alice finds herself succumbing to her own repressed desires. Her bright blue eyes widen in arousal as she partakes in forbidden sexual positions, exploring her wild side with unrestrained passion. Moans of ecstasy fill the air as Alice surrenders to the intoxicating pleasure, experiencing a liberation unlike anything she has ever known.

Sensual Awakening with Alice

Last Origin NSFW: Alice experiences a sensual awakening in the hot springs. Seeking solace in the tranquil oasis of the hot springs, Alice immerses herself in the soothing waters, her pink silk-like hair floating around her like a halo. The warm caress of the water awakens dormant desires within her, igniting a sensual awakening. As she explores her sexual organs with newfound curiosity, Alice discovers the pleasure of self-touch and masturbation. Her petite figure quivers with delight as she indulges in sensual touches, moaning softly in pleasure. Lost in the ecstasy of the moment, Alice experiences a series of intense orgasms, each more powerful than the last, her body trembling with euphoria.

Passionate Rendezvous with Alice

Last Origin NSFW: Alice engages in a passionate rendezvous in the moonlit forest. Under the ethereal glow of the moon, Alice meets a mysterious stranger in the enchanted forest, their eyes locking in a silent exchange of desire. Without a word spoken, they embrace in a passionate kiss, igniting a fiery chemistry between them. Lost in the heat of the moment, Alice surrenders to the stranger's touch, her bright blue eyes filled with longing. Engaging in a series of intense sexual positions, Alice experiences a whirlwind of sensations, her moans blending with the rustling of leaves and the howling of the wind. As their bodies move in perfect harmony, Alice reaches a crescendo of pleasure, her orgasm echoing through the forest, marking a night of unforgettable passion.

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